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Im to annoyed to no. I’d rather take selfies anyways.

I think,
along the way
I broke my own heart. (via beautyinperception)

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Bad Girls Club has me really turnt up LMAO.

I hate to love watching this shit.

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Kim and North leaving their apartment in Soho, New York 8/12/14

shes truly beautiful and north is so cute like just… i just wanted to simply state that

I love them OMG

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my thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day


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Everyone is a lesson. A reminder (via black—lamb)

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I absolutely love this.

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In desperate need of some temporary happiness and good news and affection.
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It’s Saturday night. I want to be drunk in a bar or club lip locked with some tall, sexy interesting man. But instead I’m blogging from my bed in my undies watching a movie with my dog who I think has fleas. Wahhhhhh. I miss my old, free college life. Someone take me out omg I’m dying. 

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It literally took me 9 precious years of life to learn this lesson and even though I am still learning to live by it, I am in a MUCH better place thus far.  I am so tired of people making me feel like I owe them something, or like I need/have to do things when they want and how they want. I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE.  From now on I will behave exactly like I want to and I will literally not give a flying fuck about your feelings on my actions.  I have learned all to fast that “friends” come and go and when they show their true colors believe them and leave them. Some people are only meant to be in your life to teach you something and more and more I’m realizing that not all those lessons are positive ones.  No matter how much it kills you, learn and grow from it and enter your next situation with a more wise approach and a more level head. My decision to see the good in all people has been tried for the last time. Im keeping my loyal friends closest and saying fuck you to everyone else who took me for granted. Im so fucking done.

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